The U.S. Constitution Quizzes
Foundation of the U.S. Constitution and Framework of Articles 1, 2, & 3

-- Be sure you can define what the U.S. Constitution represents: (1) The Supreme Law of the United States (2) Foundation for the legal authority granted the U.S. government (3) Framework for the organization of the U.S. government. -- Be able to list FOUR weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation AND their accompanying results/effects on the confederation. (HINT: Use the chart I checked on last week. See graphic on right) -- Know TWO of the four Basic Principles of the U.S. Constitution
(1) Popular Sovereignty: Government power resides in the people
(2) Limited Government: Government is not all powerful; can only do what the people let it
(3) Separation of Powers: Helps prevent one branch from becoming too powerful AND Checks and Balances
(4) Federalism: Division of power among national and state governments
-- Know TWO powers of each of the major branches of the Federal Government -- Know the length of terms for a (1) senator (2) representative (3) president (4) supreme court judge / federal judge.
-Know how many senators per state (2)
-Know how many representatives are decided per state (based on population)
-Know how the president & vice-president are elected (electoral college)
-Know the formula for how electoral votes are decided (senators + representatives = electors)