Ideas Help Start a Revolution Quiz Study Guide
The 10-minute quiz will consist of several questions that require a rapid response (1 or 2 words to 1 to 2 sentences).

Make sure you know the following: 
  • The main author of the Declaration of Independence 
  • The author of Common Sense
  • Who was John Locke and what were his three inalienable rights?
  • Why did Locke believe a Compact was needed between ruler and the people?
  • The main purpose of each of the Four Sections of the Declaration of Independence
  • A person who favored independence from Great Britain would be described as a Patriot 
  • A person who favored remaining with Great Britain and opposed independence  would be described as a Loyalist
  • What was the purpose of a formal declaration of independence?
Could you recognize (and identify) the influence of John Locke's philosophy on the Compact Theory within the Declaration of Independence? 

John Locke

Don't forget about the slide presentations from class.