The French and Indian War Quiz Study Guide
The 15-minute quiz will consist of several short answers question and ONE primary document analysis question. 
Make sure you know the following: 

Keep in mind the main idea of the French and Indian War: British victory over the French in North America (by 1763) enlarged the British empire BUT it led to new conflicts with the colonists. What were those conflicts? 

Why was North America important to France? 

Why was their a desire for the British colonist to expand? 

Why did France and Great Britain have numerous wars in North America? Answer: Trying to develop Economic Control of the Continent. 

Why was Benjamin Franklin so concerned about the early defeats of the British Army against the French and Indians? 

How did the British, under the leadership of William Pitt, finally defeat the French? 
- Borrowed a lot of money (Spend now, pay later)
- Put together the best army in North America
- Adapted their war stratgies to fit landscape and how their enemies fought
- Became allies with Native Americans

Why did the Proclamation of 1763 anger the British colonists?

What were the major effects of the French and Indian War? 
-Proclamation of 1763
-Writs of Assistance (Crackdown on smuggling)
-Stationing British Soldiers in Colonies 
-Sugar Act
-Pontiac’s Rebellion

Don't forget about the slide presentation from class.