U.S. Foreign Affairs and Jefferson's Presidency Half-Test Study Guide
This half-test will be worth about 50 test points. You will be tested on recall of matching people with their roles, terms, short responses, and primary document analysis. The bulk of the material will come from Chapters 6-2 and 6-3. Use your worksheets and readings to study for the exam. 

Names / Roles of People 
  • The first five presidents from Washington to Monroe
  • Aaron Burr -  Vice-President
  • Alexander Hamilton - Sec. of Treasury 
  • Little Turtle
  • John Jay
  • John Marshall 
  • Meriwether Lewis
  • William Clark
Terms to Define / Know
  • Democratic-Republicans
  • Federalists
  • XYZ Affair
  • Alien and Sedition Act
  • Battle of Fallen Timbers
  • French Revolution (1789)
  • Judicial Review
  • Marbury v. Madison (1803)
  • Louisiana Purchase
  • Corp of Discovery
Ideas to Know for Short Responses
  • How did the Alien and Sedition Acts violate the Constitution? 
  • How did the foreign affairs of the United States impact the course of the new government? 
  • What is the significance of Judicial Review?