The Colonies Come of Age Test Study Guide
Be sure to review your in-class notes, homework, and the slide presentations shown in class. 

-- 5 Short Answer Questions (Answer in 2-3 sentences)
-- 1 O & P Prompt based on a primary document
-- Compare & Contrast Economic & Social Issues of Southern & Northern Colonies
                    Population, Landscape, Economies, Slavery
-- Geography (English Colonies, Triangle Trade)

NOTE: -- There is NO Extended Response Prompt. I removed it from this exam. We will work up to it over the next few weeks. In its place I've added three more short answer questions. 

Class Slide Presentations 

Geography of the English Colonies

England and Its Colonies - Mercantilism

England and Its Colonies - Triangular Trade

Make sure you KNOW the following: 

The Geography of the English Colonies
The 13 English Colonies

Understand the Mercantilism system as practiced by England

What was the goal of England as a Mercantilist nation? 

What role did the English colonies play in the Mercantilism system and in the Triangular Trade? What were the important exports of the Northern and Southern colonies.

What were the Navigation Acts and why did England employ them against the colonies? 

How did the Navigation Acts create tension between the colonies and England? 

What was the important effect (end result) of Salutary Neglect? 

Understand the Triangular Trade and be able to sketch out the routes and the important trade goods. (Three-Way Trading Process between Northern and Southern Colonies West Indies England, Europe Africa).

Know the major economic and social difference between the Southern and Northern colonies. 

The Triangular Trade Routes
Triangular Trade