Jeff and Denise Hyer
The Hyers
Jeff and Denise moved to Wellfleet, Cape Cod from Louisville, Kentucky and have lived in what was once Jeff's grandfather's home since 1993.

Jeff is originally from Indianapolis, Indiana, home of the Indianapolis 500, and Denise was born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky, home of the Kentucky Derby. 

We have two small dogs (Papillions) whose names are Cha Cha and Boo.

Jeff teaches modern U.S. history and 20th-Century European and Asian history to high school students at Hyannis-based Sturgis Charter Public School and Denise works at the same school in the academic guidance department. 

Denise enjoys cooking, entertaining, ballroom dancing, especially Latin dances and music of all kinds. 

Jeff would like to one day enter an intense Southern barbecue competition, not to win, but to taste what those who beat him prepared :) Denise would like to travel to (insert country here). 

Both are committed followers of Jesus Christ and strive to be lights to those who don't know Him. As disciples of Christ, it is their mission to make other disciples (Matthew 28:19-20). This is done through acts of kindness and compassion. 

-- June 2014

Jeff and Denise Quebec City
Jeff and Denise staying warm at Winter Carnival 
in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada

Cha Cha

Happy Fourth of July! New York Strip, Corn & Baked Potato

Boo - who is Camera-shy - Avoids Publicity

Denise & Cha Cha
July 5th - Denise and Cha Cha

Our two Papillons, "Cha Cha" and Boo!

Denise Kayaking
Denise Kayaking in Wellfleet

Jeff enjoys cooking on the grill for large groups

Jeff and Denise
Jeff and Denise at Wellfleet Harbor 

We have a large patio for hosting gatherings of people.
Parties are more fun on the patio in July than February!

Some of Jef'f's 10th-grade history students in June 2014.

Jeff & Denise enjoy chocolate from Lithuania