Section A Examples Written by Sturgis Students


    This investigation will evaluate the question, to what extent did the actions of Nasser put him at fault for the start of the Six Day War in 1967? The question is important because the borders created after the Six Day War are an important point of negotiations between present day Israel and Palestine with the Palestinians wanting the boarders to return to pre-1967 war. The scope of this investigation focuses 1962 to the outbreak of war in 1967 and the events leading to war. One method to be used during this investigation will be the analysis of a biography of Nasser. The source will be used to see how Nasser felt about the conflict and his actions. Another method employed during the investigation is watching the documentary Six Days in June, which gives firsthand perspectives on the war from both the Arab and Jewish sides, and overviews of important events.

Examiner Comments: A clear 3/3.
  • Question clearly stated.
  • Clear statement as to why investigation is important
  • Specific scope of investigation listed
  • Two methods listed and clearly defined

    This investigation will assess to what extent the 1960s reforms of Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi achieved his aim of improving the lives of Iranians in the 1960s and 70s. This topic is important because an economic recession in Iran in the early 1960s created a need for reform within the working class. The scope of the investigation is the reforms of land and health care, especially the 1960 land reform law and the Health Corps established in 1964.I will compare the aims of these reforms, as described in the Shah's book, The White Revolution, with their effects from 1960 to 1975, which are discussed in Ervand Abrahamian's A History of Modern Iran and Michael Axworthy's A Histoy of Iran. 

Examiner Comments: A clear 3/3.

2 / 3

    This investigation evaluates the question: To what extent did collectivization and the Five year plans accomplish its aims of creating a successful and sustainable economic plan under the leadership of Joseph Stalin in Soviet Russia? The development of how two newly introduced policies present a case where the system either helped or hurt the nation through the results that followed. The scope of this investigation focuses on the time from the introduction of collectivization in 1928 until 1941 when the Soviet Union enter World War II. One method used will be to examine sources which provide official records and documented statistics from the Soviet Union to get information on official set quotas as well as the accounted concluded results. Another method will be to cite sources of the consequences of these laws and how the outcome compared to their initial output before these plans were put into effect. 

Examiner Comments: Very close to a 3/3


   This investigation will answer the question: How effective were the terrorist methods of the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) in negotiating peace, as stated in their charter, with Israel? The investigation is important because it will analyze progress and contrast with diplomatic efforts in unraveling the Arab-Israeli conflict from the Palestinian stance. The scope of this investigation will focus on the actions of the PLO between 1968-1978 in creating effective peace negotiations and contrast with its terror tactics. Some methods used in analyzing this investigation are the Palestinian National Charter, to list and understand the official goals and diplomatic stance of the PLO, as well as Yasir Arafat: A Political Biography to provide an analyzed explanation of Yasir's strides in controlling the PLO.

Word Count: 122

Examiner Comments: Question and Scope Unclear